Master of Computer Science

* The Master's Program in Computer Science has a duty to give qualified human resources in the field of international computer science in particular, as well as Information Technology in general at the same time it contributes to improving the competitiveness of Vietnamese education within the region and internationally. * The master's program in Computer Science is based on the master's program of Carnegie Mellon University (USA). Carnegie Mellon University is one of the world's leading universities for training and research in Information Technology. Carnegie Mellon University’s specialization in Computer Science has been top-ranked in the United States for many consecutive years. * The program will offer basic skills and intensive knowledge required along with the learning environment of international standard. The program’s goal, after graduation, MCSs get competence of self-study and research organizing, have ability to continue research at the doctoral level; capable of working in universities and research institutes, have ability to take part in the information system development/exploitation/management projects; capable of approaching new issues in information technology scientifically; to have the power of specialized communication in English.