One hundred years of creativity, innovation, and implementation made IBM the biggest multinational technology and consulting company in the world. The latest IBM technology continues to attract IT specialists worldwide.  After collaborating with IBM to enhance the quality of education, DTU has gained quick and noteworthy successes.
 IBM Technology Festival


The development of Information Technology has added many benefits to our daily lives. Since its inception, DTU has planned that IT should be one of its major disciplines. In 2008, DTU and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), one of the four leading American IT universities, signed an agreement for the licensing of advanced IT programs to DTU. DTU has also been collaborating on many IT projects with several other universities and institutions and has organized and hosted national and international competitions and conferences.
 Mr. Nguyen Duc Man teaches an IT class 

DTU works with the IBM Academic Initiative to provide students with mobile software development experience. The IBM Academic Initiative helps DTU students succeed by giving them access to resources that enhance their education, including updates on new technology, free software trials and the opportunity to join IBM training courses to study for international certificates, in order to improve their skills and qualifications to meet the increasing demand for IT experts in Vietnam.  

Since 2010, DTU has used IBM technology to help educate students in its computer science courses. In addition to other IBM technologies that are used in courses at DTU, the university’s Mobile Application Development course uses the IBM Worklight product. More than 120 DTU students have taken the course and are encouraged to use Worklight in their senior projects, which require them to build operational multiplatform apps. Using Worklight provides students hands-on experience with enterprise-level mobile application development technology that will enhance their career opportunities. 

By incorporating IBM technology into its curricula, DTU helps its students to achieve significant advancements. With a paper entitled “The Infosphere Warehouse and Cognos Research Application in Heart Diagnosis”, Le Huu Hoa, a K14 TBM student, won a second-place and a special award from the IBM Vietnam Director General for “Using IBM software in graduation thesis” contest in 2012.

“When students graduate, it really helps if they have experience with technology from a famous company such as IBM. With the IBM Academic Initiative, we want our students to learn more about the latest computer technology. This provides them more opportunities to prepare for a successful career”, said Nguyen Duc Man, Dean of the DTU International School.