On August 21st, Duy Tan University signed a partnership agreement with the Global Green Group, and launched the 2014 Computerized Fireworks Competition. The organizers hoped to attract many IT students to boost the quality of the competition this year and inspire IT students nationwide to take part. 

Signing the agreement with the Green Global Group

Typical Global Green Group projects include the development of the Danang City Wireless Network, the Green HRM Personnel Management software, E-Health Hospital Management software, GreenNet Solutions and more. Currently, the Global Green Group focuses on IT consultancy, application software, website design and development, brand-name recognition system design and other software applications. The company is in need of qualified IT staff and DTU is a potential provider. The agreement opens up new opportunities for IT students to improve their skills in a professional working environment.

Many DTU students attend the signing 

The Global Green Group is one of the companies that work with the Danang Department of Information and Communications to host the Computerized Fireworks Competition. In 2012, Duy Tan University hosted this competition, impressed the spectators and won the prize for Technological Innovation, with a show entitled “Danang - Historical Fiction Stories”. At the request of the city, DTU took part in the 2014 competition to demonstrate their skills and spirit.  

According to the organizers, previous competitions have contributed significantly to the success of Vietnam in the Danang International Fireworks Competition (DIFC). They expect to receive more innovative ideas to enhance the quality of the Vietnam performance in the 2015 DIFC. Backed by the sparkling Han River at night, the competition ran for twenty minutes, controlled by Windows and Linux computers. Vietnamese folk music was integrated into the performance and performances were evaluated based on Perfection, Innovation, Beauty and Technology. 

The awards ceremony will take place from December 1st to 15th. There will be a first prize of 15 million dong, a second of 10 million, a third of 5 million and 7 consolation prizes of 2 million dong each. For further information, please visit the websites of the Danang City Post Office at www.danang.gov.vn and Danang Information and Communications at www.ictdanang.vn.