A partnership agreement with Sun Moon University (SMU) from Korea was signed on July 4th and attendees included Professor Jae Kyung Sohng, Director of the Institute of Restructuring Molecular Biology, the Dean of the SMU Life Science and Biology Technology Faculty, the DTU Board of Provosts and staff and lecturers from the DTU Molecular Biology Center and other facilities.

DTU and SMU discuss the agreement 

Under the agreement, the partners will collaborate in research, training, the exchange of biological technology materials and the publishing of science magazines. SMU will enroll DTU lecturers to study for Masters and Doctorate degrees in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Sun Moon University. SMU researchers will advise DTU on the preparation of Molecular Biology research theses and seminars to exchange information with DTU students.

 The signing ceremony with Sun Moon University 

Professor Jae Kyung Sohng said that the agreement plays an important role in the development of Sun Moon University. In the future SMU will extend its cooperation with DTU in other fields, including Nursing. 

Sun Moon University specializes in biochemical technology training, pharmaceutical and chemical research, Nano technology and physical education. Cooperating with Sun Moon University will give DTU staff and lecturers the opportunity to become more familiar with breakthroughs in science and technology and new research methods in developed countries. This will broaden their experience in research and teaching and contribute to the continuing development of DTU.

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