On June 9th, a delegation from the Microsoft Corporation led by Mr. Joe Wilson, Microsoft’s Worldwide General Manager for Developer and Platform Engagement visited DTU. Mr. Joe Wilson attended the opening ceremony of the Microsoft Creation Center at DTU Quang Trung campus and explained Microsoft’s development strategy to students and executives from local software companies.

Mr. Joe Wilson, Microsoft’s Worldwide General Manager of Developer and Platform Engagement

As leader in developer and platform engagement in a company operating in over 100 countries globally, Mr. Wilson has the responsibility for recruiting talented staff, collaborating with software suppliers and meeting with millions of customers and partners every year to develop new applications across the Microsoft platform. Many advanced applications in Windows, Window Phone and Azura for users worldwide have been developed and released by Mr. Wilson and his teams of skilled programmers.

Mr. Joe Wilson received a Master’s Degree in Administration and Marketing from Webster University, in St. Louis, Missouri, USA and Bachelor’s Degree in English from Memphis University, in Tennessee. He is always inspired to work with students and new technology partners. He is also a writer, a composer, with a passion for sports.
Pham Van Thu (in the middle) wins the first prize in Central region HACKATHON 2014  

Associates of Mr. Wilson who visited DTU with him were Mr. Said Zahedani, Asia Pacific General Manager for Platform and Developer Engagement and Mr. Francis Nguyen Tuan Anh, Vietnam Manager for Platform and Developer Engagement. These two senior Microsoft executives were sponsors of the 2014 Mobile Hackathon, which was held in Danang from May 17th to 18th. At the contest, Pham Van Thu, a DTU student, won first prize in the Windows Phone 8 section with his Road Construction project, which was then sent to Microsoft for its evaluation as an international product for further awards. The best application worldwide will win a trip to the United State in 2014 and the runner-up will receive a $10,000 prize.