Training Target

Master's level training helps students supplement, update and enhance major knowledge, specialization; enhance interdisciplinary knowledge; have advanced knowledge in a field of specialized science or skills to apply that knowledge to professional practice activities; have the ability to work independently, to think creatively and have the capacity to detect, resolve the problems in the major, specialization that have been trained.

Form, language and time of training

1. Master's level training is in the form of formal education.

2. The official language used in the master's degree training is Vietnamese.

3. Training time is from one to two years of study. Specifically:

a) A minimum of 1 year of study for the major, specialization in graduate level at which has training time from 5 years upwards and the knowledge volume accumulated from 150 credits or more;

b) From one year and a half to two years of study for the branches, specialization is not specified in Point a.

Training Time

Training time for Master's level is from one to two years of study for people with university degree.

a) For the academic training at which training time is from five years or more, training time for master’s level is a minimum of one academic year

b) For the academic training at which training time from four and a half years or less, training time for master's level is one year and a half to two years of study.

Enrollment method

1. The enrollment method of master's level includes the entrance examination for Vietnamese and the admission approval for foreigners who would like to study master's level in Vietnam.

2. The entrance examinationto master's level training is to two times yearly.

3. The entrance examination consists of foreign language, basic subject, the base of discipline or specialized training.

Competition conditions

The entrance exam for master's level training requires the following conditions:

1. Already a graduate with the major right or fit to the major candidates enroll.

2. The graduate with the major close to the major enrolled must learn addition knowledge before attending the competition. Heads of training institutions decide the content of complement knowledge for each major.

Competition enrollment

1. Enrollment profile is prescribed by heads of training institutions.

2. Candidates file for enrollment profile at the latest 30 days before the date of the first subject examination.

3. Training institution makes lists of contestants, cards of taking examination; send an advice note of examination for candidates at the latest 15 days before the date of the first subject examination.

The training program, organization

1. The training program for master's level shows training objectives, standard rules of knowledge, skills, methods, forms of training, training content, how to evaluate the results of training for each module for master's level training.

Structure of the training program

The training program for master's level is structured in two parts.

1. The modules will account for about 80% of the time of training,

2. Master’s thesis accounts for about 20% of the amount of program. The subject of Master's thesis, a specialized topic of specific science, technical or management assigned by the training institution or offered by students is agreed by the instructor.